Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Saturday Blog

I have a feeling that my little blog might be appropriately re-named the Saturday Blog (though I'm not actually going to do that). My first day back at work was Thursday so I suspect that now I'll be doing most of my blog reading and writing on Saturdays now.

Thought I'd share few recent vintage-y finds. I had a block of time to kill before I could go home yesterday (long story) and the only thing that I knew would sustain me for that time was rummaging through the downtown antique store.

I love this pattern. It's Taylor Smith's Shasta Daisy. I bought two of the plates and I've since searched for the coordinating cups and found a set of two that I'll likely purchase. I tend to buy things in twos as I'm not fond of having entire sets of dishes - too much storage and I get bored with patterns easily so I like to switch out and mix and match.

This little bowl is of the Marcrest Swiss Alpine pattern. I've since searched for coordinates for this little beauty as well. I love the internet!

I'm not sure of the pattern for this little set. I, of course, only bought two settings, but I see this everywhere and in fact there were several more available for purchase at the booth where I found these.

I have no information for this piece other than to say that I love it! It goes so well with the juice canister and creamer that are pictured several posts below - from my last antique binge.

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