Friday, July 13, 2007

A Satisfyingly Slow Week

This week has been of the best variety for someone like myself who has the summer off. It has been satisfyingly slow, with time passing ever so gently as I am able to savor each sweet moment.
This is a rare occurrence for me. Typically, Monday elapses into Friday at an incalculable speed. And I get frantic, wondering, did I do enough? Did I accomplish enough? Have I been as productive as I wanted to be? Am I making good use of this gift of time?

But not this week. This week I chose to relax and chill out and just do what comes naturally, acting as I feel inspired to do, even if that means doing absolutely nothing. And what an amazing difference it has made!

A few completed projects:

I'm fairly new to sewing handbags so mine tend to be on the simple side. I love this fabric though. I've been using the bag to carry around my crochet materials.

This is a coil basket made with cotton yarn that I hand-dyed.

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crna_ofca said...

how do you make a basket like this?