Monday, July 23, 2007

Simple Supper

I love simple meals. Especially, when like tonight, they are accompanied by simple pleasures. Tonight was a simply delectable evening. First, we enjoyed a dinner of herb roasted chicken atop egg noodles seasoned simply with sauteed mushrooms and chopped fresh parsley and basil from my patio herb garden. That was accompanied by a simple tomato and cucumber salad seasoned with salt. It was oh so simply satisfying.

My aerolatte milk frother arrived today so for dessert we sipped on french vanilla cappucinos
while we read the new Harry Potter book out on the patio. Quite nice. It's been a rare late July evening. The usual sticky, muggy air has been replaced by a fresh crispness that I usually associate with early Spring or Fall.

I lingered outside long after it was too dark to read. I have not spent nearly enough time
outside since we moved to our apartment in "the city." At our last country apartment I spent long morning and evening hours pacing the acres that stretched out behind our little house. I have long realized what I now deeply feel - that my connection to the outdoors is essential to my sense of balance and peace. So tonight I relished in it and I feel great for it.

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